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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 23, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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we got to run. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ann? we have warned about for more than a year and thank foss president barack obama the united states of america is preparing to send $1.5 billion to the radical extreme wrists inside the muslim brotherhood but, of course, the shocking story is not leading any of the newscast of the mainstream obama mania media. you will only hear about this as our vetting of the president continues tonight in "the real obama." the money was set aside for the purpose of funding the egyptian military. congress blocked it from being handed over due to concerns about the antidemocracy movement now griping that country. the breaking news today comes to us from the state department where secretary hillary clinton announced she will issue a waiver to circumvent the will of congress. clinton will certify that egypt
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is meeting its obligations under the peace treaty with israel and that means 1.5 billion tax dollars will soon start flowing to the egyptian government and, yes, that means the muslim brotherhood. pains knee say this and i will prove this with the tape we have tonight but i told you so. here with the reaction to the scary developing story is dr.jasr. she is saying they are meeting their obligations. money as i understand it has not been allocated. congress tried to stop it. here is the problem the new government of egypt in the last week has just declared israel their number one enemy, did they not, sir? >> yes, they did. and sean i'm glad you are bringing attention to this. our government continues to operate while the middle east is going through convictions in an arab spring. our own democracy is famous facilitating the oppressors and
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we want to, sir, couple is vent our own democratic process to have a discussion about who our real a aie administration even beyond naive is facilitating the loss of liberty in the middle east. this money we have determined in the '90s and even before that you can't buy allies. mubarak radicalized his population with our dollars and this will go to put into place a sharia state. and yet we can't have a discussion whether that tax money should go to fund the islamist oppressors of women and minorities in egypt. >> sean: during the arab spring they were saying and they were the likely successors to
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mubarak as bad as mubarak was, he was a dictator, he did keep the peace with israel for 30 years. they were saying prepare for war with israel. one of the first act acts is ty that israel is our primary eni the mull las in iran are saying we now have israel surrounded. they are bypassing congress. i want to go back because i don't understand and this is part of the vetting of the president how a president could be this wrong on something so basic. first i want to put up a full screen quote of the president saying look when congress is not willing to act he said we will go ahead and do it ourselves but it would be nice if we could get a little help from capitol hill. let's go back to the arab spring where the news media in this country and the president were talking about democracy and the change and freedom is in the air. we now know they were wrong. here is what the president said then. >> i do have an unyielding belief that all people yearn
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for certain things. the ability to speak your mind. and have a say in how you are governed and that is why we will support them everywhere. these rights include free speech. the freedom of peaceful assembly. the freedom of religion. equality for men and women under the rule of law. and the right to choose your own leaders. whether you live in baghdad or damascus or tehran, you have an arab spring in the middle east that promises more democracy and more human rights for people. >> we will support policies that lead to strong and stable democracies and open markets because tyranny is no match for liberty. >> sean: i was warning at the time and i will play a tape of myself at the time and i was attacked as being, quote, muslim brotherhood obsessed. they have won and come into power and now are threatening israel. here is what i said at the
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time. >> my skepticism is that we will see the muslim brotherhood or some type of extremists as bad as mubarak is some type of extremist element take over in egypt. that has now been hijacked by the muslim brotherhood and those that want to take power which will put in place a far worse leadership than we are seeing now. >> their goal, they are radical islamists. they are danger to the middle east, to israel our closest ally and to us. what part of the muslim brotherhood their desire for sharia law and they understand. >> i believe that the muslim brotherhood is a clear present dane. i don't have the intelligence. why don't you walk us through the muslim brotherhood the original mission was to spread radical islam and sharia law. they have the support of al-qaeda and other extremists. hamas began as a branch of the
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muslim brotherhood. tell us who this is that we are going to give 1.5 billion taxpayer dollars to. >> it has a violent form such as al-qaeda or hamas and an evangelical form that uses democracy to get into power but a one way street in which minorities and others don't have power when the source of law becomes not predom and liberty but rather islamic domination and supremism and the cleric's way to determine what is law. unfortunately the administration not only abroad but domestically partnered with the wrong groups like the council on american islamic relations. groups that came out of that environment in egypt and until we have an administration with the courage to identify our war is not against all islam or muslims. we need to take sides within the house of islam so say that we will advocate for liberty
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and not give our money to the strong horse and those people that claim to be our allies. >> sean: the problem is that public opinion polls in egypt showd that they wanted a theocracy. the egyptian muslim brotherhood that is where bin laden's top deputy ayman. they said they he prepared for muslim brotherhood while the spring was going on. how is it that i as a talk show host pinpointed what would happen and the president of the united states with every bit of intelligence he has got it wrong and now is going to fund this radical government in egypt? >> because your agenda is one of advancing freedom and liberty and american ideals that every human being across
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the world just as george bush mentioned wants inate rights granted by god. this bonds with anybody wants to create an environment where democracy is used to bring into power the collectivists and often times auto crates. this is something that we need to identify and pinpoint and tell america that their tax dollars. i don't think the middle east has to any longer be torn between two choices secular fascism or sh theocracy. jeffersonian principles have not had any chance to survive in the middle east. why don't we advocate frothiest and not fund our enemy. >> sean: you said we should not facilitate the rise of radical
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islam. i believe we are -- we have more of the vetting of the president tonight on "hannity." a left wing band is calling on people to blast their song that talks about killing rush limbaugh. and it is like he had a glimpse into the future. wait until you hear the chilling warning from the legendary paul harvey. a warning that he gave to america back in 1965. you will see how relevant it is today. first, this is not a joke. the president now says he is not to blame for solyndra. we will tell you who he is pointing fingers at next. tomorrow night, a special edition of hannity. we will take a look at the language of the left in this language of the left in this country, a special edition of [ male announcer ] that. right there -- reminds you
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bounty has trap and lock technology to soak up big spills and lock them in. why use more when you can use less? new bounty. the clean picker upper. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." when talking about how to fix skyrocketing prices of gas the administration is running on fumes. when president obama took office the national average for the price of gas was $1.84 but today it doubled to $3.89 and the rnc wants to make sure that americans know how all of this could have been prevented. watch this. >> recorded assaying "somehow we have to figure out how to boost the levels of gas reason
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to the prices levels in europe. >> the obama administration rejected the keystone people. >> obama closed all those areas. >> and when you are ready to start selling we want to be one of your best customers. >> there is a lot of talk about opening up new area. it is merely talk. >> taxpayer money was given to the now you bankrupt company. >> what do you plan on doing about increasing gas prices? >> want me to increase them. you got a bunch of algae out here, right. >> my next guest has a brand new gas price calculator. www. if you were driveing that when obama took office you were paying $35 to i will if up your tank. now, it is well over $70. shocking. the man running for his old senate see the in the commonwealth of virginia former
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virginia governor and senator george allen. good. >> i'm saying senator again because it is going to happen. that is double the price. notice this is the one issue that the president doesn't blame george bush for. >> president bush was one who was in favor of allowing us for example in virginia to explore for oil and natural gas off our coast. film' hired on by the people of virginia to represent them and their voices in washington on day one i'm introducing a bill to allow virginia to produce oil and gas off the coast and use the royalties for roads and transportation. they are out of touch. the whole purpose of this too much at the pump .com is to realize that people are paying 25, 30, $35 more every time they fill up. they might go to a restaurant. save it for children's college education. buy gifts. save it. pay down debt. >> sean: we have enough gas, minimum, 70 years minimum
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without even touching oil shale and on top of that natural gas that we could have for 100 plus years. >> and coal. the point is we are number one in the world when it comes to energy resources. if we unleash our resources we would have more affordable fuel. more affordable food. more affordable electricity. we wouldn't be so vulnerable to outside hostile forces. we could have a rebirth in our industry in our country and much our country much more competitive for investment and jobs. the federal government would get over a trillion dollars in revenues without raising taxes and keeping our money here in the united states of america. >> sean: and good for also the national security. >> absolutely. >> sean: the president claims we are drilling. if any one tells you drill, baby, drill. we have been doing that. we have a new study that proves otherwise. this is him from earlier today. >> we have been drilling. we are drilling right now. under my administration america is producing more oil today
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than at any time in the last eight years. at any time. that is a fact. we have added enough oil and gas pipeline to circle the entire earth and then some. the problem is not that we are not drilling or that we are not producing more oil. we are producing more oil than any time in the last eight years. that is not the problem. there are probably a few spots where we are not drilling, it is true. i'm not drilling in the south lawn. we are not drilling next to the washingtoning monument. >> sean: i don't find any of this funny. there was a study congressional research service which is nonpartisan. he is brag about we increased drilling. 96% of the total increase of domestic production has occurred on nonfederal land. the number of leases and permits have been cut in half and more. he is being dishonest there. >> i mentioned virginia.
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he has said no to the people of virginia. he said no to the oil from canada. >> sean: keystone. >> the keystone pipeline. and with the cap and trade energy tax that is going to shut down coal which is a page supplier of jobs and electricity in our country. not only is it against alaska and virginia, the permits in the gulf are a fraction of where they were before and if we are not going to get it from america canada is a good reliable neighbor and ally. the reality is everything they are doing is driving up the costs and they say supply doesn't matter. the saudis just this week said they were going to increase production. the price of oil dropped. >> sean: just by the prospects of them drilling. if we announced it, it would -- >> yes, it would. >> sean: liberals get mad because i call the president president cry baby. blames george bush for everything except the price of
12:19 am
gas that he inherited. blames rush lame but a, sean hannity. the supreme court, the arab spring. tsunamis. kiosks. wall street. millionaires. balis have, i can go on. he blames everybody. we found somebody else new to blame today. the reason for solyndra about per se was not his fault even though it was his bundlers that got access to his white house four times the week before they got your money that they poured down the drain now he is blaming china and congress for his decision. watch this. >> we are doing all the above strategy right. we wish solyndra hadn't gone bankrupt. part of the reason he did is because the chinese were subsidizing their solar industry and flooding the market in ways that solyndra couldn't compete. it was not our program about per se. congress, democrats and republicans put together a loan guarantee program because they
12:20 am
understood historically when you get new industries it is easy to raise money for startups but if you want to take them to scale often times there is a lot of risk involved and what the loan guarantee program was designed to do was to help startup companies get to scale. >> sean: not drilling, claims he is. he is responsible for the decision, the bush administration rejected it. not our problem program per se because of the chinese and congress. is that how desperate they are. in. >> and they hope no one is paying attention to the accurate facts. solyndra is the word that best explains this administration counter productive energy punishing policies. our campaign is about envisioning a better future for our country and part of that is unleashing our american energy resources and we just need to change the players and the deciders in washington, d.c. to make sure that we have decisionmakers who have a political will to say look we
12:21 am
have these energy resources under our land and our water. we have the resources of the american people. let's make sure in america we can have an industrial renaissance in this country improve people's quality of life. the people hurt the wore th woy this are lower and middle income working people and this is a regressive harmful policy for families, particularly those that live in the suburbs and rural areas that drive longer distances. >> sean: inflate our tires, get tuneups and use algae we would all be better off. left wing hate spreads on facebook and youtube as a banned song now calls for the killing of rush limbaugh. later we uncovered chilling audio from 1965, radio broadcaster paul harvey his america that appearsthat
12:22 am
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>> sean: new developments tonight in the case of trevon martin who was shot and killed in florida z by a neighborhood watch member who was not charged by the police. a prosecutor has been appointed to oversee the investigation and a task force to make regulations and procedures. the sanford police chief has removed himself from office one day after the city commission gave him a vote of no confidence. trayvon martin was killed by zimmerman. he followed him after being advised not to by a police dispatcher. moments later, neighbors 911 calls were coming in. listen to this. >> do you need police, fire or medical? >> maybe both i'm not sure. there was just someone screaming outside. i think they are yelling help but i don't know.
12:27 am
send someone quick. >> does he look hurt? >> do you think he is yelling help? >> yes. >> what is your -- >> there is gunshots. >> you just heard gunshots. >> yes. >> how many? >> just one. >> sean: zimmerman claimed that he shot in self-defense. he was not charged and a grand jury and the justice department are now investigating. join us, kimberly guilfoyle, cohost of "the five" and fox news legal analyst mercedes cohen. we played the other tapes last night. first of all, it is a tragedy. breaks your heart. you can hear the scream what i believe have from trayvon martin and then the shot. now, this woman is describing what was outside the house. with no eyewitnesses how do we get to the bottom of this? >> well, there actually is information that you can use
12:28 am
besides the 91 tap 911 tape ths evidence that trayvon was on the phone with his girlfriend prior to this. she is a witness that heard at least what was going on. >> sean: from his perspective. >> while it was happening saying there is somebody watching me and now you someone coming towards me i don't know what he wants and then you hear him saying why are you doing this and he is running. >> zimmerman says i see him coming towards me. there are are two different types of -- a 911 call that zimmerman makes and i see there is someone walking towards me. he has something in his waistband. zimmerman said this in a 911 call before the operator said don't follow him. at some point zimmerman makes during this conversation with the 911 operator saying he is coming towards me and starts to make the case he is feeling threatened. >> sean: this is zimmerman prior to the shooting when called 911 and this is when the police said to him we don't
12:29 am
need you to do this. be meaning he said he was following him. >> sanford police department. >> we had some break-ins in my neighborhood and there is a suspicious guy. this guy looks like he is up to no good or on drugs or something. he has something in his hands. imi don't know what his deal it. he is running. >> which way is he running? >> down towards the entrance of the neighborhood. >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> we don't need you to do that. >> sir, what is your name? >> george. he ran. >> sean: he is saying this there is i'm in the neighborhoods so they form a community watch. i can understand that. >> a good idea to have community watch but not to have people running around with a loaded weapon. he was carrying a concealed weapon legally in the state. he is the one that went after. this is not stand your ground law. that is what makes the law
12:30 am
inapplicable. >> he is saying he was attacked. it will be a test of credibility. the 911 tapes come in. neighbors come out. someone has to identify the screams on the tape. zimmerman says that is me screaming. >> sean: there were reports he might have made on the 911 tapes zimmerman a racial slur but there was a report out of florida today an affiliate radio station told me about it saying no, they had somebody that was able to decipher it and there opinion is it was not a racial slur. >> i thought originally zimmerman said he is a black guy. the 911 operator said is he white, is he hispanic. >> sean: the "l. a. times" said they are making a case is this a case of a young minor the person walk youing through a neighborhood and just being targeted because they are minorities. >> zimmerman is a minority, he
12:31 am
is hispanic. trayvon african american. the hate crime only applicable if a specific conduct based on race. they can get the fbi to enhance the tapes. sure they have to investigate it. >> sean: could this just be a terrible tragedy, a case where trayvon was running because he thought he was in jeopardy. he was in the neighborhood and that we had a series of crimes, they have a community watch. is it possible that it was just a horrible accident? >> it could be. certainry the defense will come forward and say this is a tragedy. he misunderstood. zimmerman thought he was in fear of his life. this is how he saw it. if he does he gets indicted. >> you disagree. >> vehemently disagree. when you look at the evidence
12:32 am
here this will go to the grand jury and he could be charged with second degree. it doesn't give him the ability to use deadly force. he had a young 17-year-old boy walking away from him with a bag of skittles in his hands. >> too many facts out there, kimberly. >> sean: we don't know everything else. >> everything has to be developed. tragedy, horrible. a 17-year-old that die. >> that is why there is an investigation. >> sean: i want a full complete investigation. we need to get to the bottom of it. and our thoughts and prayers to the family. this is a tragedy, this young man. we don't know if it was an accident or if shellin this waw intentional. >> we do know he wasn't doing anything wrong. >> sean: he had skittles and a phone. >> it goes down to what zimmerman thought at the time. >> sean: our thoughts and prayers to the family coming up. wait until you hear tonight, paul harvey from 1965, his
12:33 am
warning to america. you will see how applicable it is today. a disgusting song is striking controversy tonight that calls for killing rush limbaugh. i will ask michele bachmann about it. plus, what does she think that plus, what does she think that a marine could lose his lots of anti-aging products promise beauty miracles. but the chemicals that can end up on your face may not be so beautiful. ♪ that's why there's new puristics totally ageless powered by a naturally derived collagen builder, puristics measurably reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 100% of women after just 3 weeks. beautiful, younger looking skin. that's puristics, the power of pure.
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>> sean: now, we have heard the outrageous rhetoric from the billmahrs of the world. a band called the ton is actively promoting a song on facebook saying "disgusted by rush rim but a's recent antics, blast our song, kill rush." here is a short clip from the
12:38 am
song that they are asking to blast to everyone. ♪ protect your freedom ♪ kill, kill, kill, kill, kill ♪ ♪ kill, kill, kill ♪ rush >> sean: with reaction to this is someone who has found herself very much in the target of left wing hate speech and that is minnesota congress woman michele bachmann. welcome to new york. you recovered now from the craziness of the campaign. >> the campaign is an experience unlike anything else and i'm very grateful i could be a part of it. >> sean: you did a great job. >> thank you. >> sean: i admire having watched the process up close how hard it is for all of you. tougher than people know. all right, this left wing hate. we will do a full hour special on this tomorrow night on this program. there is so much of it. you have been a victim of it. listen to what they say about rush. is that a crime? >> i think that in many contexts it is considered a
12:39 am
crime. i have experienced that myself. we chose specifically when i was running for president not to actually talk about the actual threats because they are serious. we had to get our kids out of our house for a week because of death threats. there were calls for me, more violent sexual acts to be done against me and a judge ruled in the last two weeks that twitter had to give up the identity of that person. we wanted to tamp that down because i know this is real and it can actually happen. we de-emphasized it rather than emphasized it but the song you just heard about rush this is what they are doing, they are in citing people to actually kill rush limbaugh. i think people need to be called out for it. >> sean: there is so much of it. it seens and i discussed this with you over the years, conservative women, african american conservatives, they -- you can see -- it i seemingly y
12:40 am
anything if you are a left winger and you have been the victim of this in ways that you are not even describeing that i know about because it is too vulgar, too vial, too threatening to you and your family. why is there this double standard. why does the president take a million dollars in in pac from bill mahr and no pressure from the left. he takes a million dollars from maher who saids most violent things. how does he get away with it? >> he bought into the whole vocabulary and vernacular of the left that there are only one set of victims and republicans and conservatives aren't allowed to be. they think they have the dakota ring on political correctness so we all have to go and be under their rules for political correctness but our rule is the first amendment. we believe in the constitution. we stand for the constitution. and that is exactly what we need to do. tomorrow is the second
12:41 am
anniversary of the signing of obama care into law. does any one remember the representative from florida, the democrat that said on the floor of the house of representatives that republicans want you to die quickly? remember that? >> sean: the president himself said republicans want dirty air and water, kids with downs syndrome and autism and the elderly to fend for themself. >> rhetoric is one thing but the bigger issue is the result and the result is obama care. now, all of america has to live with socialized medicine unless we repeal it. that is why this elec electione matter. not only a president committed to repealing obama care but a stat committed to repealing obama care and the house. that is why the day after this bill was signed or the day after it passed out of the house i was the first member on the floor putting into the hoppary bill to repeal obama
12:42 am
care. i wanted the american people to know we aren't waving the white flag of surrender. we aren't give up on this fight until obama care is repealed we are in this fight because we want real freedom. >> sean: almost out of time. do you think governor romney now is building a significant lead. do you think he is the candidate and are you convinced having been in this process that the republicans will behind -- because it it has gotten heat. >> i was thrilled to be the first republican woman and when i left the race i didn't endorse any one. i'm the only presidential candidate who hasn't endorsed someone else when i left. i want to be unifying voice. who everthey choose that is who i am for. >> the president is going to
12:43 am
circumvent congress and give $1.5 billion to the muslim brother hhood that is running egypt. you have urged that they not do this and i gave you in the house and rand paul in the senate you sent secretary clinton a letter and thank you for doing that. >> you're welcome. >> sean: we miss having you on. >> well, i will be back. >> sean: the video has gone viral. you don't want to miss this. paul harvey. his warning to this country from 1965. you don't want to miss this. here is a sneak peek. >> if i were the devil i would take from those who have and give to those who wanted until i had i willkied the incentive of the ambitious and what do you bet i couldn't get whole states to promote gambling as states to promote gambling as the way to get [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle.
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12:48 am
barack obama. now, a republican u.s. senate candidate from the great state of maryland don is with us. penny vance is here. you brought an etch-a-sketch. this was a romney campaign ad and newt and rick santorum have jumped on it. do you -- >> this confirmed this moment, this moment for are romney was a confirmation of the worst fears of conservatives that he, you know. >> sean: a clean slate. >> he didn't necessarily mean what he was saying on when changed his opinion on abortion and cap and trade and the mandate. >> sean: i asked him about all these things and he has promised me i will repeal obama care. i will cut taxes. >> the bottom line is i think it will be difficult. look, all of these guys in the race right now on the republican side would be better than the current president i wholeheartedly believe that. but i think it will be very
12:49 am
difficult for mitt romney to take on obama care after he was for it in his state. i think it is going to be hard for him and it is essential. it is the number one thing to begin. >> sean: you were obamas it secret service. >> for two years. >> sean: has he contributed to your campaign? >> not yet but i would take it. what is scary is what the president actually said and see it steven shue they want to raise gas prices. that has been buried while we talk about etch-a-sketch. >> sean: endorsed a candidate? >> not really. >> newt and santorum are driving the -- this is allen the republican side. romney's guys said it and the rest of the field ran with it and now santorum stepped into it a little bit. i went out to buy an
12:50 am
etch-a-sketch to bring it on the show and they are sold out. >> i played with this as a kid for hours. >> romney is helping the economy with the jobs creating in china that make etch-a-sketches. >> sean: david axel rod is a smart guy and sounds idiotic explaining away the million dollars acceptance from bail maher. sounds ridiculous because the president excoriated those who use this coarse language. why wouldn't the president just give back the money and get out of this. >> i would have given the money back. >> sean: you know why he won't give it back? he is afraid of maher and his base. >> if you would like to have a better education on what bill maher is go to reject maher
12:51 am
.com and see his choice moments. the special massagony that he has. it is hyper critical to defend and yet at the same time with the other hand he is embracing bill maher who despices women. >> sean: you were his secret service agent and now you are running for the senate. i wanted the black one, the green pin and red pin. >> next time you go out i promise you. i am the only one in the race who has taken a polygraph test. i left my job and pension and everything to do this and my healthcare. i believe in the cause. >> sean: and you campaign is amazing. how can people get in touch with you?
12:52 am
>> bongino .com. >> sean: the president is not going to win a second term. we got to bet on this one. >> sean: thank you for being with us. you do not want to miss what we have after the break. the video that has now gone viral. paul harvey, a warning to america from 1965. see how relevant this is to today. that's next. >> i would convince the young that marriage is old fashioned. that swinging is more fun. what you see on tr is the way to be and if i could undress you in public and i could lure you into bed with diseases for which there is no cure, in other words, if i were the other words, if i were the devil i would just keep right [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles...
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we continue with our great american panel and paul harvey gave a warning to america back in 1965 so relevant to today. >> if i were the devil the i would take from those who have and give from those who want it until i killed the incentive of the ambitious. what would you bet i couldn't get whole states to promote gambling as the way to get rich.
12:57 am
i would caution against extremes. i would convince the young that marriage is old fashioned, that swinging is more fun. that what you see on tv is the way to be. and if i could undress you in public and i could lure you into bed with diseases for which there is no cure, in other words, if i were the devil i would just keep right on doing what he is doing. >> sean: i don't think the letters and dialogue of the devil by taylor caldwell. says i would make the symbol of eastern egg the symbol of christmas. he said i would convince people, i would whisper that the bible is a myth. i could won fid con fide that s debasing and cocktail parties are good for you. >> he was absolutely prophetic.
12:58 am
i hope people will watch the whole thing and digest it. if i can wax biblical for a minute. the bible tells us in the last days men will love evil more are than light. >> sean: half the country doesn't pay federal income taxes. people say there you go into politics. something changed from when my grandparents came here with no money and no safety net and there is an entitlement mentality. people are conditioned to think the government is the answer. we lost that and a lot of the moral foundation that we once had. am i right or wrong? >> this is the religion of envy. every single time it has been dried the only way to sell it is to demonize your neighbor. once you put a face on it you don't want to take your neighbor's stuff. it is easier to say it is him, go get him.
12:59 am
that is what her are doing. >> sean: when the president will only criticize conservatives and not liberals and shows a double standard when attacks the rich, when attacks the wealthy and gas companies and fox news and talk radio and conservatives and uses rhetoric, republicans want dirty air or water. the president can't run on his record and now he will divide the country, joe, and i think ugly in thisgust fly this country. >> the country has been divided furlong time. since 1965, nixon, carter, regan. >> sean: you don't think it has gotten worse? >> it has gotten progressively worse on both sides from the beginning. >> how about the moral failure? 40% out of wed lock birth. 50% divorce rate. >> the policies put in by both parties conducted sense 1965 to today. >> sean: we got to roll. on


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